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I have a friend who has a system running Win98se. She's not really into the technical aspects of running a computer, and I usually do all the technical work, maintainence, and updates for her. I recently upgraded to Win XP on my own system, and I've gotten a little rusty concerning some of the procedures for Windows 98. Recently she began having some problems with Internet Explorer 5.5 and Outlook Express 5.0. I suggested just updating both programs from the "Windows Update" web page. I clicked the link on the Windows Update page to check for upgrades, and the update page recommends updating to Internet Explorer 6.0 and Outlook Express 6.0, as well as various patches and security updates. Here's where I need some advice: Question 1: Isn't Outlook Express part of the Internet Explorer download? I shouldn't have to install both programs seperately, is this correct, or are they two seperate downloads? Will installing the newer versions of both programs delete all the entries in her address book? If so, how do I backup the data in her address book so that I can overwrite the new empty address book, or is this even possible considering the two different versions? I may have this wrong, but I believe that I have located the address book files at:C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book. Inside this address book folder are two files: 1.AddrBook.wa~,and 2.AddrBook.wab. Can I back up these files to a CD/RW, Zip Disk or floppy, then use these saved files to overwrite the new installation of the address book? Should I back up and restore both files? What are they? What's the difference between the .wa~ file and the .wab file? Question 2: She has quite a few old e-mails saved to her local folders in Outlook Express she would like to keep. Is there a way to backup these e-mails all at once, or does she need to save them individualy to a folder out of the way one at a time as either e-mail,text,or html files in order to keep them? Question 3: Her Internet Explorer 5.5 and Outlook Express 5.0 are listed in the add-remove program applet in the control panel. Should I un-install the programs before updating, or will the old versions just be updated without having to be removed first? Thanks for any advice and help!
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  1. 1. Outlook express can now be upgraded independantly of IE and vice versa. MS probably only allows it that way now
    2. If she has a working Outlook Express 5 and saved messages on it, the update to Outlook Express 6 will automatically copy those messages.
    3. I had problems with IE 5.5 on 98SE and actually reformatted once to get IE5 to run properly after uninstalling 5.5 once. IE5 is better for 9x than 5.5.

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  2. Thanks, Crashman! Sorry it took me so long to get back to this thread, but I was out of town for a couple of days and didn't have access to e-mail. Does anyone know about the procedure for backing up and restoring the Windows Address book as described above? How can I backup and restore the address book without having to manualy copy all the e-mail addresses to a piece of paper or Wordpad or Text file? Is it even possible? Is the location I mentioned above in the right place? Thanks for your help! Signed-98 dummy! :smile:
  3. I know the messages will remain durring the upgrade, but don't know about the addressbook, sorry.

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  4. Thanks again, Crashman! Guess She'll want to manualy copy all her address book files. Not sure about backing up her registry and overwriting the two Address Book files...All in due time. :smile: Ideas anyone? Thanks!
  5. Hey, I didn't say it would loose the address book, I just said I wasn't sure...

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  6. Not a problem, Crashman! I do appreciate your advice. I think our safest course of action will be to manualy copy her address book to a piece of paper or whatever, backup the two address book files, and try overwriting them after the upgrade. If that has negative results, we can restore her registry by using the scanreg /restore command prompt. Only one way to find out...give it a try.Thanks again!
  7. You shouldn't lose the address book... I haven't heard of anyone losing it, anyway.

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  8. Thanks, Zoron! I guess it will be a learning experience for me. I'm going to manually backup her old e-mails just in case, and and make a txt file of her address book contacts just in case, then proceed with the update. The next time I do this I'll know what to expect...Thanks for your help, folks! :smile:
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