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my usb ports are not working on my laptop. I have no idea what to do to get them working again, HELP, please. It is a Toshiba satellite with windows 7
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  1. go to control panel>system>device manager and see if there are any yellow/red exclamation marks in there

    if not, check do you have a tree called Universal Serial Bus controllers in there and list all the subentries

    also, what model of toshiba satellite do you have exactly?
  2. If you have no errors in device manager delete all USB devices and let Windows reinstall them when restarting the computer. If this does not work then fit a USB keyboard and see if it works in the BIOS. If it does then the USB ports are OK and you should try the Microsoft web page

    Chose the "lets fix it myself section"

    If the USB keyboard does not work in the BIOS then the USB ports are faulty and a possible work around would be to fit a PCMCIA USB port.
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