Help with my laptops crashing issue (Toshiba Qosmio x505 Q830)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any clue as to what is wrong with my laptop. I recently started to get random crashes with my toshiba qosmio. I will boot up a game (Either WoW or Dota2), and everything will work fine for a while. Then, the fans will start to pick up speed, making a very noticable whirring. Then my computer just reboots. No bluescreen, no warning at all. It just reboots to the "windows has closed unexpecedly" menu. From what I have seen online, this appears to be an error even toshiba can't fix. I have already sent my computer to the shop twice, and neither trip did any good. I was hoping someone here might point me down the right path so that I can get my computer fixed or, baring that, get my computer replaced
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  1. Looks like is CPU overheat ...... that's why the FAN increase speed.... and finally reboot.... When you say neither trip did any good....what is that mean....?

    Is it you don't have problem when you bring to there.....also Toshiba have some startup diagnostic program.... try to run it for a complete test first..
  2. I also have a Toshiba QOSMIO, and the thing just pure and simply gets hot. Are you putting your laptop on a cooler? My x505 was running hot for a long time till I lifted it off the table and put a laptop cooler under it. You'll probably be surprised that this helps.
  3. Its not a CPU overheat, thats what was tested both times I brought it in. When I brought it in the second time, the technician just replaced both my fans
  4. Sorry if I seem ignorant and thick, I legitimently don't know whats wrong with my computer and I haven't the slightest idea about where to start looking for the problem
  5. if not the CPU the next one will the GPU over heart....

    couple things you can try...
    go to the event viewer see any log under application or system when the crash happen.....

    also if the reboot cause blue screen.... try to use blue screen Viewer... to see what file cause the problem...
  6. the reboot doesnt seem to be causing a blue screen, my pc just shuts down and restarts itself. I am getting critical events in the event viewer, but they only say that the shut downs are unexpected. Its also not my GPU, as far as I can tell. I have a GPU tracker from nvidia on my comp and its logging my GPU temp at 67 degrees C maximum. I remember reading somewhere that a blue screen doesnt create the blue screen for Windows 7, but I am not getting any minidumps from my crashes :/
  7. Then for sure know the crash is not done by software or driver issue.... 100% is hardware ..... do some stress test burn in test...if you can repeat the problem everytime.... then you can bring to the shop and show them what's going on ....

    or just better go directly with Toshiba Support to change another one... if still under warranty..
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