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Bios codes for a Dell Inspiron M5010

I have a Dell Inspiron M5010 that will not boot up. When I turn it on I get 7 beeps then a pause and 7 beeps again. There is nothing on the screen, as a matter of fact, the screen is black. If I leave it on, it just keeps repeating the same beeps. I have tried the function button trick and it did not work. All I can find on the net is that it's a motherboard problem. Does anyone have the answer because a used motherboard starts at $169.00 and up? I sure don't want to throw that kind of money away if it's something else.
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    Hi :)

    Take it to a lappy repair shop for a quote...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Sure thing, nottt!! Best Buy wants $600.00 dollars parts and labor. I was just wondering if anyone had run across this before and what they did to resolve it. Thanks anyway though.
  3. Hi :)

    My lappy repair shops in the UK charge 1/2 Labour (£27.50) for a quote...

    NOT to repair it, just to test it and tell YOU whats wrong with it...

    Try a LOCAL lappy repair shop...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. I am the local repair shop. I just have not run across this problem before and was hoping someone else had, and could confirm my findings. I think I will just replace the motherboard and see if that fixes it. Thanks
  5. I replaced the motherboard and that seems to have fixed the problem.

    Moderator this discussion can be closed.

    Thanks for your input!!
  6. I'm having the exact same problem..where did you buy your motherboard from..


  7. Thanks! Did you use this service personally? I see it's $119, is that including the motherboard?
  8. 7 beeps problem in graphics card.
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  10. I sent it to the ebay site R&R Computers and they fixed it for $119.00 and it is working fine.
  11. helenasara said:
    7 beeps problem in graphics card.

    This is the correct answer. I took my buddies apart. I used a preheater for the motherboard, and an Aoyue 968 hot air reworking station to reflow the solder in the graphics chip. Did it for 4 minutes, let it cool, put it back together, and am back in windows now.
    If you take it anywhere, or send it anywhere, this is what they do to fix it.
  12. I have experienced the same exact issue with my Dell Inspiron 15R M5010. I researched the issue and I have found a solution to this problem on YouTube. The problem occurs when the graphics processor (GPU) overheats. When the GPU overheats, the micro-solder connections that secure the GPU to the motherboard begin soften because of the heat, and they eventually become disconnected as gravity forces the solder away from the connections.

    **THE FIX**
    1. Disassemble the computer to access the motherboard, and then remove the motherboard from the computer (There is a YouTube video available that walks you through all the steps that I will post at the end of these instructions). These instructions merely serve as a guide to what is involved with the fix. If you feel confident working with electronics, watch the video for more detailed instructions.

    2. Use a heat-gun to heat the GPU to about 400 degrees F. for about two minutes. I build model airplanes and use a heat-gun to shrink a film around the wings. I found this works well for heating the GPU. When heating the GPU, focus the heat to only that area of the motherboard. Since you will be heating the motherboard upsidedown, relative to its position when in the laptop, the heat should melt the solder enough to mend the gaps in the connections.

    3. Reassemble the laptop and, if you did everything correctly, everything should boot normally.

    ** To avoid future issues, keep your laptop clean and well ventilated...
  13. That sounds like a job best left to a professional but it will still be visible even though this year-old thread is being closed.
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