New graphic card too expensive?

It is just that Geforce FX5600 (standard) which is roughly more or less in performance as compared to Geforce4 Ti4200.

New Geforce4 Ti4200 card in sells for £60 while cheapest FX5600 card for £120 in online store.

The prices of Geforce FX5600 in ebay auction, are about the same as online stores.

I may be thinking that new mid-range graphic cards is bit overpriced and Direct 9x made a little difference in performance.
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  1. Quote:
    I may be thinking that new mid-range graphic cards is bit overpriced and Direct 9x made a little difference in performance.

    DirectX 9 has nothing to do with performance, but with programmability. It enables game developers to do new stunning effects that were not possible before. Currently no real games make use of it but with a Geforce 4 Ti you won't be able to play Doom III and Half-Life 2 in full glory. So that's why you pay more...
  2. I understand what you mean about Direct 9x.

    Isn't it just that you would rather have 2003 games more playable with cheaper card such as ti4200 than paying more for FX5600 for a little better visual?
  3. It's a programmable platform where games are programmed.
    DirectX and OpenGL is the two languages that's used in most of today's games.

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    This is totally off the subject, but i process SETI units just to help out the cause, i can process a unit in 3hr 30min which is decently fast, i dont have a HT processor, but unfortunately even if i did their software isnt coded to take advantage of the multi-threading in its current version, which is sad because it cant take advantage of the Hyper-threading capability of the p4, also it isnt multi-processor capable either, when installed on a dual CPU machine it will run the graphics overhead on one CPU and the raw data crunching on the other which is kinda lame usage of Dual processors, considering most people have it minimized and dont even have the graphics display up while the process packets anyway.

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