Best combination for GT 540 2GB

I know this might sound weird but i am seeking what sort of CPU and RAM combination will suit Nvidia's GT 540 (2GB ) graphics card.

My requirement for a laptop is that i should be able to run s/w for my job work, which ll primarily be for java programming. So something like eclipse and other such softwares down the line.
My sights are set on Dell XPS 15.

As i have heard that the GT 540 (2GB) is not going to throw eye popping graphics, i think should be fine with it as well, as i am a casual gamer. Now thing is that i want to build an optimum machine owing to my cash strapped situation. and i see plethora of options when i customize the xps 15.

So please pour in your suggestions, about how i can put the best possible processor and RAM which ll be able to harness the GT 540/2GB gfx card.
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  1. Hello trackblazer;

    If you're 'cash strapped' that will likely be the biggest factor in choosing CPU/RAM.

    It's not necessary to 'match' the CPU/RAM to your video card.
    Instead match the CPU and RAM to your software / workload requirement, if your budget allows. Eclipse system requirements are very light. The basic XPS options far exceed the minimum requirements.

    NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M review
  2. Yea i understand that its always how one matches CPU n RAM to other things.. but i am just trying to see where does GT 540 starts hitting the sweet spot.. if that happens at all. *(I am not too experienced with gfx cards and all so maybe my query is really unbalanced/illogical. Just hoping to see if the gfx can be optimized at a certain config)

    Eclipse is light weight yes.. but keeping future in mind, have decided to go along with xps 15.
  3. You'd have to upgrade the GT 540M to get closer to a 'balanced' gaming laptop.
    That mid-range laptop graphics card is still relatively weak compared with the standard CPU.
  4. So even the lowest possible cpu paired with a decent RAM (4/6GB) will prove to be quite a handful for the GT 540 ??
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