1 6ghz amd vs 1 6ghz i3 intel comparison

I want general comparesion of Sony Vaio Y series 11.6" notebooks, which they have same model in AMD 1.6ghz and Intel i3.

Which one is better, for everyday use, for instance; using ms word, excel etc. graphic software and video editing etc. I rarely watch movies on laptops.

If somebody, answer me on my email at naveedqr@yahoo.com i will be grateful.

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  1. The i3 will be better in cpu intensive stuff, however you'll get better graphics/multimedia performance from the AMD's igp. However we probably need to know more about the two laptops you are looking at. Links, specs, or model numbers please.
  2. To do what you need to do, truth be told, if you did not know the difference in these 2 machines, you could probably never tell the difference. Both will struggle with graphic programs, they are both relatively weak performers in that area. For everyday office use though, they are both fine.

    By the way, its not a good idea to post things like your email address for whole world to see on a public forum, unless you are just a big fan of your inbox getting slammed with a ton spam emails!
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