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This may be a daft question but if I bought a Graphics card in the US would it work on my UK system?
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  1. Yep.

    Any regular video card should work in any PC. (Radeon, Geforce, etc.)... As long as it's not an Apple computer. :)

    You'll only have a problem if it's a video capture card that's set to NTSC instead of PAL, and even then you shuld be able to set it to NTSC.

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  2. Give some system specs and we'll tell you. Computer components are generally cross compatible with others...For instance...I bought a Pentium 75 Gateway on a yard sale for like 20 bucks and I was able to put an ATI 7500 PCI graphics card in it....even though when that computer was manufactured the card wasn't in existence.

    If you give some specifications of what the system you have contains...we'll let you know.

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