Help finding the laptop that I've chosen.

I've been looking around for a laptop for school/gaming (WoW, TF2 etc.) and I came across the
Acer Aspire AS5755G-6823
The problem is that I can't find it ANYWHERE. I've seen it listed from $550-$650, but the only place that had one was a seller on Ebay (and it sold quickly). I believe that Amazon has it but it's listed for $750. So far as I can tell this computer is pretty much perfect for what I want it for. Does anyone know of a similar one?

At the minimum I need a 15.6" screen, a Core i5, and a Geforce 540m.

Thank you for any help you can give.
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  1. ASUS A53SV-NH51

    This is the first thing I've found. It has the same screen size, processor, and GPU. I'm still shopping around.
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