power color, sapphire or gigabyte ???


i am thinking of buying Radeon 9600 pro. Which 1 should i choose?? is there anybody here using powercolor radeon 9600 pro?? what da ya think about that card??

also what are the differences between sapphire atlantis radeon 9600 pro and sapphire ultimate 9600pro?

how about gigabyte? are they worth buying??

thx b4 for the reply..
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  1. I'd say go for the Sapphire 9600 Pro. Avoid powercolor.

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  2. I'm very happy with my Gigabyte Radeon 9000 (non-Pro)

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  3. any of the three: except powercolour

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  4. My order of preference;

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    As for the difference bewteen the Atlantis and the Ultimate, it's the HSF The Ultimate uses a Zalman heatpipe for passive cooling (no fan).

    And to make matters more complicated there are 2 Atlantis versions. The regular and the Fireblade.

    Take a look at <A HREF="http://www.rage3d.com/reviews/Sapphire/sapphire9600s/" target="_new">this review</A> for the diff between the Atlantises (although unfortunately it is compared with an R9600NonPro,in any case the Fireblade is best) .

    And ceck out <A HREF="http://www.ukgamer.com/article.php4?id=101&page=1" target="_new">this review</A> for an idea about the Ultimate edition.

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  5. thx guys... but what's wrong with power color???
  6. yeah what's wrong w power color???????????????????????????????
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