Windows/pc problem with an external drive

I recently built a new computer rig and things are going great execpt for one issue.

Being a mac user I have an external drive that has a partition type of GUID, formatted to HFS+ that contains backups and data from my MacBook Pro. I wanted to move some of my music and other stuff over from that to the new computer.

When I hook up the drive to the windows box, it goes notifies me that there's a new device to install, it installs and tells me the device is accessible. Yet, I do not see the drive in the file explorer nor do I see it in disk management.

The funny thing is when I use bootcamp (on my MBP) the drive is accessible and I can pull (read only) stuff off. I've tried firewire and esata, I'll try usb tonight but I'm hoping I can get some insight.

Since window 7 goes through the motion of notifying me of the connection, I don't think its a bad firewire connection, and what are the odds of having two bad connectors (firewire + esata) when all the other ports like usb seem to work.

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated. I was under the impression windows has read ability to HFS+ partitions out of the box, perhaps I'll also boot up fedora and see if that OS sees the drives as well.

Any insight/suggestions/reasons of why I'm having issues.

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  1. Never mind, I found out that windows out of the box does not offer HFS+ ability, though apple must have added it with its bootcamp product. That is, I can read HFS+ volumes in windows 7 when I boot windows on the Mac but not out of the box windows on a homebuilt machine.

    Move along, there's nothing to see here ;)
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