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HP Pavilion dv9000 doesnt start- no image

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
March 4, 2012 8:52:25 PM



I am trying to figure out what recourse to take regarding my issue with my HP Pavilion dv9000. A few months ago i lost the internal wireless connection and had to connect an external wireless device in order to connect. Now, the computer does not boot up or display an image on the screen. When I press the power button- the lights come on, it attempts to blow the fan and boot up briefly and then its stop, and recycles that process. No image come to the screen at all. In my research Im learning there has been a well known issue with the H.. after running all tests, the symptoms finally lead to the motherboard or some internal device. What should I do- is this merely a motherboard issue that i can repair by getting it replaced? Or could it be another issue- should I waist my money on repairing my notebook or should I save the trouble and buy a new laptop? any suggestions? Anyone with the same type of issue with their HP Pavilion or other model??
March 4, 2012 9:19:10 PM

the HP dv 2xxx-9xxx with nvidia onboards from mid 2000 have been plagued with issues regarding the chip. even a mobo replacement isnt a for sure fix, i know from experience. (ive worked on 5 of them) like 2 years ago, a court ordered a fix/refurb for them, but of course that over now. if i were you, i would yank every usefull part (cpu, screen, ram, hdd) and ebay it.
March 5, 2012 11:57:49 AM

I agree with 'guavasauce' Strip it down and sell it for spares/repairs on eBay and get a new laptop. HP had a HUGE overheating problem with there DV2 and 9 series laptops with the NVidia chip on-board. I belive the chips used to burn themeselves out. My friend had his m/board replaced but 3 months later, it broke again. He got his money back but I doubt you can anymore.

If you replace the laptop with another laptop, take your time and read-up reviews on the laptop you intend to purchase. Laptops generally are more likley to go wrong than a desktop, so a little more care is needed when choosing a new laptop.