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A few days ago, my custom-designed, $2000+ DELL Studio laptop fried its second hard drive in the course of less than 1 year (the laptop runs extremely hot). As I am looking for replacement (not inclined to invest in another DELL) I am running into serious problems tyring to get a Verizon-compatible G3 or G4 chip pre-installed in any top-brand laptop.

I travel a lot, need a high-performance laptop for business use, and would feel going back into the stone age by having to deal with a USB stick/modem or another external device.

Price is not an issue. HP Envy would be my desired machine but their tech support says they don't offer pre-installed, Verizon-compatible G3 or G4 chip.

Thank you in advance for any insights.
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  1. Hello aapianos;

    Dell Latitude E6420 has options with Verizon 3G & 4G LTE.
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    Verizon Mobile Built-in Wireless Internet Access lists laptop MFGRs having compatible models:
    Lenovo Thinkpad
  3. WR2, thank you for your swift response and valuable input!!!
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