Best OS for gaming?

(dont mean to repeat myself - not sure which forum is best for this question)

Which OS is best for gaming? I could be a dying breed, but I am *still* of the belief that Win98 is the best gaming OS... has this changed? I noticed that Tom benches exclusively with XP... Are there speed differences between the two?

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  1. People still use win98? Unless you have some kind of special configuration that works flawlessly with that OS it's time to move on to 2000 or XP imop.

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  2. I play games on Windows 98 and use Linux for the rest. I don't see the point in getting a new Windows.
  3. Yeah, Unix is the best gamer.

    Super Nintendo is the closest runner-up.

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  4. d00d just use 98 for pure gaming... 98 is pretty decent for gaming so why not? who cares if its a bit old, it has the best support

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  5. Why do you keep saying that? Since when is Unix even a consideration? What about support and all that. I don't know a thing about Unix, but wonder if your being serious, or just miss leading people. Mind educating me?

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  6. I've used win98, win 2000 & Win XP these three Operating systems work very well for gaming but for stability use Win 2000 Pro, or WinXP Pro
  7. jiffy where have u been all these years? UNIX is the best for gaming and period. although i dont know if super nintendo is runner up or not... i think the magnavox's odyssey is the runner up

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  8. I think it depends on which games that you are playing.

    Windows XP does have some advantages with some games, but that isn't always the case.

    Speed and performance depending on the game can vary from OS to OS, and it isn't the OS that is causing this, but in many cases the drivers as well.
    I still know people we use Windows 2000 because the games that they are running seem to run a little better under 2000.

    Many in fact are still running Windows 98SE because they think it is the best.

    Still others run Linux because the games that they want to play are able to be played with that OS.

    I don't know that there is any easy way to answer the question. I use Windows XP now, for most of my gaming, but I do have a Windows 98SE system that I use as well. As a general rule, I try to stick with my XP box and when I load new titles, it is normally on that system.
  9. That's the best advice anyone can possibly give.


    Load up the os, and find out what you think of it. If it suxx, get another os, and try that one. My god, even if you had a 10gig hard disk, there's still enough room on there to make a partition where all you ever do is try out a new os every weekend. And you can even crack the games so they don't depend on registry entries; hence, you don't ever have to reinstall them every time you try out a new os.

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  10. XP pro or 98se...both will serve you well.

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  11. i lived with win98's bs for so long i didnt realize how bad it was till i got win2k. pc runs like a dream now.
  12. I like Win XP for stability.

  13. Allot also depends on your system. I have an AMD 2100+, 512 meg 333 DDR, 2 40 gig drives raided and a G4 ti4400 vid. I find that XP Pro is best for this box. My old system was an AMD 1000, 512 SDRAM, no raid and a G2 MX. I found I got better performance from 98SE


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