9600pro conflict?

My 9600pro has a conflict with my nforce2 400 ultra audio. when the onbaord audio is on i get garbled graphics but when its off everything works fine. Any ideas on how i can fix this w/o having to buy another sound card? thanx.
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  1. it turns out that its the same either way. the radeon 9600p might be incompatible with my mobo.
  2. well i finally fixed it. I installed catalyst 3.4 and disabled the onboard usb and firewire. hopefully there will be drivers to fix this but for now i got it running stable and get 3347 3dmark 2003 points. anyone else have a similar problem?
  3. Definately a driver issue.

    F-DISK-Format-Reinstal DO DA!! DO DA!!
  4. All I know is that with my 9600Pro/AOPEN AK79 Ultra400 I didn't have any audio problems

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  5. its wierd but i enabled the lan, usb, firewire, and audio and everything seems to be fine. of course im still using the catalyst 3.4 I really think its a driver issue.
  6. I think Nforce mobo's are picky snobs, and prefer video cards that are 256-bit....Not measly 128-bits:)~

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