Burnt Card ? Pls advise.

I've got this problem recently with my PC. Everytime DirectDraw or Direct3D is being used (e.g. starting a game), the PC will freeze for awhile, flicker, freeze, flicker, freeze ... then it will run the DDraw or D3D or reboot (happen once!!)

The amount of time it freeze/flicker to the start of the game varies (1-2mins?), although I have no idea what affects it. Changing screen resolution from 800x600 to 1024x768 and vice versa will also give the same problems.

And just today, when I reboot the PC, there's dots above all the text in the bootup screen (before loading windows). But when I shutdown and on it again, it does not appear. Seems to be random.

I do not have this problem previously and the system was running fine or maybe I did not play game for quite some time already. Anyway, the gfx card is not OC, it's at default settings.

Any insight, advise or solution to this matter is greatly appreciated.

* All drivers are updated to the latest as of 20 Aug 03 *

P4 2.4 GHz
Gigabyte 8INXP
ASUS V9280/TD Ti4200-8x
1Gig RAM Dual DDR
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  1. Check and see if you got the x8 set in bios,if you do try x4.If you have an extra Video card laying around of any brand try it and see if you get the same effects.If you have on board Video (Didn't look up your Gigabyte MB)give it a shot.If all fails call Gigabyte.Or go to there web site and look for bios updates to see if they cover problem of your type.Sorry I couldn't help you more.

  2. I'll try the 4x and see if it helps. But that would mean I'm not running on optimal settings. The mad thing was, it was working perfectly before.

    Maybe I'll reinstall my OS and see if it is any corrupted Windows DLL/files ...
  3. I would seriously format. Easy for me to say though, I've got it down to a science:)

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  4. I'm getting real mad now ..

    I've done MemTest86, no errors at all. I've download a HDD diagnostic tools from Western Digital, no errors also.

    I've re-install Windows XP and I still got the same error.

    Can i safely say it's either the Motherboard or the Graphic Cards ?

    Although when I tun 3DMark03, I still get a decent 1500+ score ....
  5. It sounds like VRAM failing maybe. Have you been overclocking the card?
  6. One thing you can try is to carefully remove the card, check the AGP slot for any dust, contaminants or damage, clean the slot and put it back in.

    Also make sure the GPU heatsink is on correctly and the fan on it works! :smile:

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  7. Make sure your mobo isn't grounded out in any wrong places against the case either. It should not be touching the case in any places other than the slots the screws go into. I usually mount the board up onto rubber washers and small bolts so that it sits about 1/4 of an inch above the case. Also, if you have the case on carpet...get some static eliminating spray and use it in the case. Blow all of the dust out of the case, fans, RAM, Nbridge cooler...everything. Make it as dust free of an environment as you can. Get some downy fabric softner and mix it will water. Dampen a cloth with it. Use that to wipe the inside of your case out...this will eliminate static build up. See what happens with that. It couldn't hurt :P

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