Bad 3D mark scores

Hey guys, i think theres a problem.

First here are my specs for my pc:

P4 2.8 gightz (800 fsb)
1 stick 512 mb kingston hyper x
Asus p4p800 deluxe motherobard
Visiontek Radeon 9800 pro
Onboard sound
Windows 2000 pro
DX 9.0b
Catylst 3.6
Installed the inf update

When i did the defualt benchmark for 3d mark 2001 my score was very close to 12000, but toms hardware got to like 16000 with the xp 27000, my cpu is faster. I also tried 3d mark 2003 i got like 1700 toms got 5000. As you can see im dissapointed by spending all this money and not getting very good results. I also want to know how toms gets so high. I rang asus and they said that the problem was that i didnt have 2 sticks running in dual channel mode. I want to know if i can achice the results of doom 3 even though i have the 2.8 as opposed to the 3.06 toms had( i want to know how much lower my fps will be since i have a slower cpu). Have any idea to hlp me fix my problem, i dont have another 130 dollars to by ram. Is my pc in shape to run hl 2.

Thanks guys

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  1. I bet you've got anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering on.

    In the ATI control panel (right click, settings, advanced, etc.) DISABLE those things [application preference], while setting/leaving texture detail settings at MAX. Also turn off v-sync.

    Also what drivers are you using for the card? Get the latest, i.e. the Catalyst 3.6s.

    Also getting another stick of ram could help, as it would be on the other channel.

    And you may be happy to hear this next part, in most situations, your 2.8 ghz 800fsb will be FASTER than a 3.06ghz p4, because they run a 533mhz fsb.

    Still the difference between them will be minimal.

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  2. Did you load the chipset drivers for your motherboard?

    Get the Intel Chipset Software Installer below.

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  3. You NEED to buy another stick with that system. That would be crazy to do single channel.
  4. oooo Single channel memory?
    Not a good idea.
    For maximum performance you need dual channel. i.e. TWO sticks of ram.

    I bet that is what's holding you back.

    Also, consider using the omega drivers. They are really good for games.
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  5. get 2 x 256 kingston ram.

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