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Simple Land Destruction Deck for noobs to try at FNM.

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March 8, 2005 11:41:51 AM

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Here's something I've made just to loan out to friends and noobs (ppl
who are new to the game) at FNM and local tourneys. They usually go 3-2
or 3-1-1.

4 Shock (This is still a good card.)
4 Magma Jet (The best card and the hardest card to use too. about a
4 Pyroclasm (about $2)
4 Stone Rain
4 Molten Rain
4 Demolish
4 Reap and Sow
4 Arc-Slogger (The only hard-to-get card as they're worth about $4-5.)
2 Kumano, Master Yamabushi (about $3-4 and in a preconstructed deck.)
3 Grab the Reigns
2 Pulse of the Forge (about $2-3)
3 Pinecrest Ridge
3 Forest
1 Stalking Stones
18 Mountain


4 Naturalize
3 Flashfires
3 Boil
1 Shatter
4 Pyrite Spellbomb (in case you have to kill a Auriok Champion.

Don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't play this deck. I don't think Land-D
is good in standard right now. I took 16th place last year at Regionals
(out of 287 ppl) w/ Mono-Red Land-D. But it's pretty good in my local
area and is a easy to play deck. If you want a mono-red version you
could replace the Reap and Sow and Pyroclasm with Slith Firewalker and
Hearth Kami or Electrostatic Bolt. Just a decklist you might want to try
March 8, 2005 6:00:02 PM

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On 2005-03-08, Tommy Luke <> wrote:
> 3 Boil

I find it hard to resolve a boil without a Boseiju.

Sowing Salt is pretty decent, especially with the T&N decks running
Urza/Cloudposts and most other decks running at least one copy of the
colored legendary lands from Champions. I think I'm running 2 main and 2


In vino veritas
March 9, 2005 2:57:02 AM

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You find it hard to resolve Boil? That's freaking hilarious. Boil's an
instant. Any deck running blue taps out at E.O.T. to net card
advantage/quality. And against U/G, destroy all of their forest so they
can't use Witness or cast threats. Then wait until they cast Solemn to
grab a forest because they'll need to. Seems like a good time to cast
Boil, huh?