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Hello, I am currently using Win7 running ATi 5870 as a video card. I have one monitor as a primary and a 26" Insignia with HDMi as a secondary monitor. I was just curious if there were a way to have the secondary monitor 'ONLY' active when the TV is on. It's not really a problem, but more of a preference, I hate it when I leave programs on the secondary and have to turn TV on just to get them back lol.
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  1. You may need a special multi-monitor management utility (like Actual Multiple Monitors). With it, you will be able either to switch off the secondary display device with a single hotkey click or to move all windows from the secondary monitor onto the primary one even when the secondary monitor is turned off.
  2. You can also set up a profile with CCC that will disable a monitor with a hotkey (moving all programs open on the disabled screen to the primary screen)
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