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ok i plan on getting a swiftech kit with a videocard piece included... i also wanna get a geforce fx5900 ultra... my only concern is removing the fan... most lower end graphic cards have simplistic fans that only incompase the graphic chip... the geforce fx5900 on the other hand has a fan piece that consumes 75% of the surface... and almost all the models are the same... from asus to gainward... they all have enormous fans... im worried that if i take off the fan that it might cause undesired effects to the board... any suggestions or comments?
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  1. The small fan on the backside should be a cinch to remove...or so most people say. It's the big ol fat bastage of a fan on the other side that make things difficult. You might check <A HREF="" target="_new">this forum</A> and maybe PM or post to the dude that did this mod to find out if it was difficult to remove the big fan. I haven't talked to anyone or seen any posts or even any links about anyone removing the large fan other than that one.

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  2. I suggest an ATI card if you want to remove the fan.
  3. ummmm no =)... sorry go look at aa/af comparasions graphs between geforce and radeon
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