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What's wrong with my laptop????!!

Ok so about a year ago my laptop started to overheat really badly and in like 10 min. my computer stops responding like extreme lag. this usually happens after playing 10min of games or 10 min of music or 10 min of watching video. eversince, this has become a big problem and now i use a laptop fan to cool my laptop. this gets really annoying because my laptop is supposed to be portable, which now i can't enjoy, because of the laptop fan i have to carry and because of the overheating. How do I fix this! :o
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  1. Have you tried blowing out the exhaust outlet with compressed air? Dust and hair can get stuck in the heatsink fins and cause it to get very hot.
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    Hi :)

    The INTERNAL FAN and HEATSINK need cleaning....

    Try compressed air to start with, or take it to a lappy repair shop for cleaning out...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. K, I'll try cleanning it out. thanks for the replys guys
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