Tosiba recovery disc creator for satellite40

my laptop not boot when 0 button press and start

how i can recover my recover disc

presently windowvista starter basic is running
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  1. What is the exact type of your laptop? (For example: "Satellite L40-18X", or "Satellite M40-S312TD")

    What happens exactly when you're trying to start it? Does it start to boot? Do you see Windows logo, and then it fails? Can you start it in Safe Mode (press F8 during startup)?

    On some models, recovery image is stored on a hidden partition on the hard drive, and the system can be restored from it by going into a special menu. (Using this feature, however, means that all the data (user files) will be wiped, so if you have important files, you'll have to do file recovery/backup first.)
    Do you see any keyboard combinations on the screen, which indicates this?
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