How to format and install windows 7 to acer laptop

how can i format my acer 5733Z, P6200 laptop & reinstall windows xp?
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  1. Now, why on Earth would you want to do that?

    On the product support page ( ) the selectable operating systems for driver downloads are all Windows 7.

    Did you have Windows XP on this machine before?

    Anyways, what happens when you insert your Windows XP install CD, and you reach the point when you can select the disk/partition to install to?
  2. Yoou can put XP on any computer, but you need to make sure all the compnents inside have XP drivers available (video, lan, wireless, chipset, etc etc). You will have to poke into device manager and write down most everything, then do a search on google for each individual driver since the manufacturer doesn't have pre-ready drivers on their site.
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