Xps vs dv6

hiii guys m buying a new laptop but m confused between dell and hp...can plizzz anyone tell me which one is good overall.
hp laptop configuration:i7 processor 2 ghz,4gb ram,640gb hd 5400rpm,amd radeon hd6770 2gb ddr5 graphic card.1333*768 screen display.
dell laptop configuration:i5 processor 2.5ghz,6gb rab,1 tb hd 5400rpm,nvedia geforce gt 540 2gb,1333*768 screen display.
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  1. Personal opinion: Stay away from all dv series! I work in a repair shop, the nvidia chipset overheats on all of the dv series as they are a flawed design. I've put chopper shims and had my cpu fan run none-stop to try and keep my dv9000 from over heating, and it still does.

    The XPS's are pretty nice from what I have seen though.
  2. dv6 has the better spec of the 2 so I will have to recommend it over the xps.

    The dv6 works fine.
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