Good time to buy a laptop?

So last year was great for system building. Sandy bridge was a success and the 6000 series of ATI rocked as well (unlock into 6970). It was a value year, where with $1000 you could get $2000 perfomance compared to the year before. My laptop is already 4 years old and I think it is time for a change, but I don't know if it's the right time to buy, with Ivy Bridge and all coming up.

What would you guys recommend, is there any mobile CPU or GPU that compare to what the 2500k and 6950 were for desktops last year?
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  1. laptop counterparts are not the same at the desktop parts
    good example
    video cards for laptops
    they might carry the same desktop part name but they are gimped in every way possible
  2. If you can wait, go for IB and the new amd or nvidia gpus. They should be out within a month or 2.
  3. why wait when ivy bridge come out somthing better will be announced once or before it comes out?

    if you don't care about battery power than go for a laptop with an i7 in it but i bet any i7 laptop will not be found for under 1000 bucks. GPU's are not good in laptops even the nvidia ones. just go get yourself a good i5 laptop and stop with the "should i wait" game because it will never end if you continue with it
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