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My Ti4600 died and I replaced it with a new 9800pro 128MB card. Everything seems perfectly functional except I get really poor performance in 3D. Counterstrike, which maintained 100fps most of the time with 4XAA and 8X ansio with the 4600, drops to 20fps sometimes with the 9800pro with no AA and no ansio and performance-oriented settings. Something is definately wrong but I don't know what. I have an Athlon XP2200+ on nForce1 based Asus board, 2x256MB PC2100, and a brand spanking new TruePower550. My WindowsXPPro was just freshly re-installed and has been fully updated. It seems very odd that my ti4600 outperforms this 9800pro. Any suggestions?
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  1. Sometimes you really have to push drivers down win xp's throat. Force your agp driver, then the latest catalyst and end up with directx. In other words, sounds like winxp is giving you the same problems it gave me.
  2. Did you completely removed the old Nvidia drivers? Nvidia like to leave stuffs around your system if you just uninstall them using add/remove. :tongue:
  3. i did a clean re-install of windows xp before switching cards. the newest installation has never seen a detonator
  4. i will try this. Anyone know how hard I can push this card from default clock settings? I did a simple overclock to see if it made any performance increase and although it did, it was not enough to warrant me operating the card at such a risen temp.
  5. Does ATi or Matrox leave stuff hanging around? I have received 3 Nvidia based video cards for my systems, Which program do I use?

    My OS features preemptive multitasking, a fully interactive command line, & support for 640K of RAM!
  6. Ati drivers are just as bad for nvidia as the other way around. If you dont want to /cant do a clean install the driver cleaner from Driverheaven is supposed to be very good.
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