Windows 7 boots but no communication with mouse and keyboard

system boots in windows 7 64 bit home premium but mouse (usb) and keyboard (integrated with notebook) are frozen. No response !! any ideas please
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  1. Check your Device Manager.
    Reference -
  2. What notebook are we talking about?
  3. System specs would be helpful here. Is your notebook equipped to run Windows 7? If so, this may just be a driver issue. Take a look at this and see if it helps...

    Let us know what happens!
    Microsoft Windows Outreach
  4. i have same issue with a toshiba satellite l455D-s5976 notebook. it came preloaded with win 7 home premium.

    i worked on this laptop last month (for a friend) and it was heavily infected with malware and a couple trojans. i cleaned it and used it for a couple days before returning it.

    i dont have restore disks but am tempted to reload windows - has to be a driver issue.

    i did plug in a usb keyboard, but it did not work either.

    i may but from a linux distro on a cd, or from barte pe to verify.
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