HELP! CD-R's don't recognize after upgraded to XP


After I upgraded from winME to winXP, my CD-R's that contains pictures and videos don't recognize in CD-R Drive or in DVD ROM Drive.

When I go to inside "My Computer window" it shows there is CD-R media inside the drive. and


CD Drive

Free Space: 0 bytes

Total Space: 0 bytes

How can I fix this???

Anything went wrong after I upgraded my OS to XP???

Pls.! any suggestion?

thnx, 2Oliver
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  1. did you sue a program that did a DRAG and DROP style saving images to the cd.

    or did you use nero/ easycd creator or one of these programs that you set up the whole cd before burnign it.

    because if you used the drag and drop style you will need ot instal the specific program that you used to do it. as it is only recognisable by that program.


    see ya round and hope that helps

  2. Hey thanks for replying....Yeah I used "DRAG and DROP style.
    And I used Easy CD Creator program.

    I dont think XP will be compatible with old version of Easy CD Creator that I was using before upgraded to XP.

    Should I buy the new verion of it??? so it will recognize all my CD-R's. Or Should I buy a different program?

  3. I have both Roxio EasyCD Creator 6 and the latest version of Nero. Roxio has definately improved their product... though Nero is still more versatile. It's a matter of personal preference which one you use... but if you started making the CDs in Roxio, you should stick to Roxio just in case.

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  4. Also, when making CDs with the drag and drop method, remember that you won't be able to take it to a friends house unless you install DirectCD on his machine.

    When using directCD:
    -you put a blank CD into the drive and it formats it into a drag and drop format
    -you drag and copy your files into the cd
    -Then in order to use it on someone elses machine you have to convert it back to standard format, or install direct cd on their machine

    So if you had converted it before the upgrade to XP it would be readable. We actually get quite a few people calling with this problem, and I don't install direct cd when I install burner software, because I burn a lot of CD's and it takes longer to convert->copy->convert back.
  5. Actually, once you close the session (or the disc) you will be able to read them on any cd drive. Its only when they are left in the direct access mode that they cannot be read by other software.

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