Which card?(In China)

Hello, I come from China. Please tell me the most performance/money ratio graphic card listed below.
Here is the lowest price in Chinese market:
FX5600 325/550 RMB780=$95
FX5600 325/700 RMB980=$118
FX5600 350/700 RMB1190=$144
FX5600 450/850 RMB1199=$145(coming soon,Gainward)
Ti42008x RMB650=$78
Ti44008x RMB899=$108
Ti46008x RMB1300=$157
R9500 RMB980=$118
R9800SE RMB899=$108
R9600Pro RMB1399=$169
R9700 RMB1768=$213
R9800SE PRO RMB1999=$241

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  1. I have read almost all of the tests about graphic cards in Toms, xbitlab,digit-life,etc. But the more I read, the more I confused. I hope there is a card equal to R9700 at RMB1250(about $150), and should I wait for the 5700/Ultra?
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  3. 1. You cant find a card that has equal performance to R9700np at around 150 mark.

    2. The price seem a little weird, i have no idea why 9600P cost more than 5600Ultra(450/850) rev 2.0...but if you can get that price, get the 5600 only if you wouldnt care about DX9 performance, otherwise 9600P is the perfect choice. (read review on beyond3d for more info on how FX cards perform in REAL DX9 game :tongue: )

    3. As for 5700 i would say it will cost more than 5600's current price when it is released, after all 5700 is said to be the 5600 with higher clock in core/mem.
  4. Quote:
    R9800SE RMB899=$108

    wow? am I wrong? it's cheaper than a R9500?
    I don't really know what's a R9800SE
  5. I believe the 9800SE is a 9800 with 4 pipelines disabled... like the 9500 non-pro. But from what I've heard, it retains the 256 bit memory interface, unlike the 9500 non-pro.

    It would probably perform about 5% better than a Radeon 9500 non-pro, unless someone comes out with a softmod for it to enable those pipes... then you could turn it into a full 9800 non-pro!

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  6. The card with the best "performance/money ratio" is going to be the Ti4200. They are very overclockable, but are pretty decent at stock speeds anyway. You'll be missing Direct X 9, though. How long do you plan on keeping the card? DX9 isn't really being used, yet, but it will be in the next few generations of software.
  7. This is not the truth.As i know,the 9800se only has a 128-bit memory,and the 9800se gold edition(that`s what said to be 9800se pro)gets the 256 bit mems but also only four pipelines.They are not worth the price!So just get 9700 non-pro edition.
  8. Where do you live in China?

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  9. What, you're saying a 9800se has 128 bit memory but still has 8 pipelines enabled? In that case the $108 dollar 9800se is the best deal here by FAR, because it's basically a radeon 9500 PRO.

    And if that's the case, the 9800se PRO would be slower than the 9800SE...

    Xbit labs reports the 9800SE and 9800SE PRO as both having 4 pixel pipelines:


    Which means the 9800SE could possibly be modded into something like a 9500 PRO and the 9800SE PRO could possibly be modded into a full Radeon 9800.

    But since no-ones modded a 9800SE to the best of my knowledge yet, I wouldn't chance it...

    Radeon 9500 (modded to PRO w/8 pixel pipelines)
    AMD AthlonXP 2000+
    3dMark03: 3529
  10. I'd get the FX5600Ultra from gainward

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  11. the 9800se and 9800se gold edition:
    9800se four pipeline,128bit memory
    9800se gold edition,four pipeline,256bit memory
    yes ,9800se can be softmoded, and the other four pipeline could be open, but it still cannot match the 9600pro.
    the 9800se gold edition can be softmoded too.when you open the other four pipeline, you will find that there is almost no difference between the softmoded one and the really 9800pro!
    Some Chinese hardware website say that the chance of succesful softmoded is about 60%, but I have no money to believe it!
  12. I live in Taizhou, Zhejiang province.
    And you?
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