which of these older cards is better

I am working on getting an older desktop P/C up and running for my son. I have two older video cards available, and don't recall which should be the faster / better card. The choice is between a Radeon 9000 (64MB DDR but not the Pro version) and a Geforce 3 (also 64 MB DDR).

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  1. I'd be guessing the Gf 3 would have more raw processing power, the 9000 may have additional features that the geforce doesn't have though.

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  2. agree....

    teh GF3 will have more raw fillrate , because the 9000pro is only a 4x1 architecture, and the GF3 is a 4x2.. makes a big difference

    vertex processing is a little more powerful on the 9000pro.. doesmt make up for teh lack of multitexturing (4x1 vs 4x2)


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  3. I'll third that.

    GF3 is better.

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