Compaq armada 1750 Windows 98

Is this laptop wireless or do I need a cable to connect to modem?
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  1. Windows 98....seriously? I mean there might even be 4 or 5 websites out there that will even display correctly on Internet Explorer what 5? There is not only no wireless there is no ethernet port for high speed internet. It has a dial up modem though. Just connect the phone line and be prepared to wait...and wait....and wait.

    Honestly that thing is not even good for spare parts. I doubt you could give it away.
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    Hi :)

    No wireless...

    All the best Brett :)
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  4. What a jerk anort3 (Addict) is!!!! Then again, what can one expect from one who believes we evolved from amoebas!!
  5. It's not like I called you a moron for thinking a Windows 98 box supports wireless. :sarcastic:

    And I was just being honest. No way will that thing even display most webpages correctly. If you don't believe me try and sell it. In fact try and pay someone $5 to take it. Crackheads might come running but not anyone who knows anything about computers. Obsolete computers are worthless.

    Enjoy your dialup and having hackers own your computer about five minutes after you plug into the internet.

    " Microsoft support for Windows 98 ended on July 11, 2006."

    Oh look as of a year ago .019 percent of people were still running Windows 98. Not only are you in the 1 percent you are in the 2/100th of a percent! Too bad it's the bottom and not the top. Oh well there's always next year. :hello:
  6. You can add a PCMCIA Wireless or Ethernet card to the thing for dirt cheap, if you just want something to surf and check e-mail on.
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