What is the best laptop hp or toshiba

I want to buy a new laptop and I am confused about the choices I had. finally i chose two and I will be more than thankfull if you help me to choose between them ..
the first one is :
HP DV6 -6153
Core i7 ..2.0 HZ.. harddisk 750GB..ram 8 gb..vga 1gb ati up to 2.0 gb

the second one is:
toshiba p750
Core i7..3.0 HZ..harddisk 750GB..ram 6 gb..vga 1 gb up tp 1.5 gb..
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  1. I've supported both laptops as a Field Tech. I like the Toshiba a lot better for business and the HP for more personal use.

    I repaired and replaced more HP's than the Toshiba.

    So it really depends on your usage fatima6, IMO
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