New Driver Update CD for HP Officejet 6210xi for use in Windows 7

Has anyone else been offered a Driver Update CD available for purchase for $119.99 from HP, which supposedly makes all of HP's All-in-One printers fully functional in Windows 7?
Is there a driver update for HP Officejet 6210xi for use in windows 7, 64 Bit, that allows the use of all the functions including scanning using the front buttons on the printer?
So far I have scoured the web, emailed HP Support and called HP Pre-Buying Support.
HP Support emailed back telling me to download the driver for another model, Officejet 6500, and said it would only give it limited functionality. I am using that one now. However, I can only scan using Windows Live Fax and Scan which adds steps to the scanning and printing process. I cannot use the scanner from the front buttons on the printer anymore.
But Here's where it gets really WEIRD:
I later called HP Pre-Buying Support to ask which models of their All-in-Ones will actually have full use of all their functions in Windows 7, 64 Bit before I purchased another one. The Rep. only gave me one model, Officejet 4500, and tried to sell it to me at what they called a reduced price of $100.00 plus tax, which is $25.00 more than I can buy it new and delivered from Amazon. I know there are other models of All-in-Ones that are much newer also, but the Rep. said this is the only one that will work in Windows 7. When I declined due to the poor reviews and ratings of this model, the Rep. suddenly suggested that he could sell me a Driver CD for $119.99 that makes all of HP All-In-One printers work with full functionality in Windows 7, both 32 bit and 64 Bit. He also went on to tell me that this Driver CD is only available thru them directly over the phone and it is not available on their website.
I do not believe this Driver CD will improve the performance. If it is actually better, why would they not make it available online and publicly? And if they have the Driver Updates for all these printers, why are they not making them available to the public?
If anyone has been offered this, I'd like to hear about it.
And if anyone has actually purchased this Driver CD, I'd like to know how well it works.
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    PICK you operating system from the list and it will give you the driver!
  2. To me it seems kind of fishy. Either way though, the driver CD doesn't sound worth it when you could buy a new printer. I've seen a lot of people with the same issue of not having the full functionality of their printers. And to be honest, since most of the printers are older HP probably isn't really making money off of them anymore, so they're not going to be inclined to put more money into supporting them any more than they HAVE to. Since your printer works, they see that as no issue, even though you still lose out on functionality.

    I suppose if this CD does exist then they would want to sell it so they could make some more money off of the printer they sold and are no longer making money from.
  3. i bought the 4580 off the reduced rack at target for 24.00!
  4. That set off red flags immediately with me when I read the post. Do not buy this. If HP offered drivers for Windows 7 for a particular unit, they would be available for free on their website for download.
  5. they have drivers on their site for win 7,just some of the options are limited!
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