What is the difference between the intel i3 -2350m and amd quad-core a6-3400m ap

Hello,i wm getting ready to buy my first laptop and wanted to know the difference between the intel i3-2350m, i5- 2450m, and the amd quad-core a6-3400m apu processors. which is the better? im looking at toshiba, dell and acer brands under $600. I want to get the best product for the money. Any input would be appreciated.
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  2. the difference between them is the performance and framerates these would yeild when paired with a "decent" laptop graphix card.

    Since you stated your budget ~600... this makes the APU stand tall above the rest. While it cant beat a good processor (intel i3) paired with a halfway decent graphix card - it delivers about 80% of its performance for only half the price. battery life will be much better too.

    I would recommend picking up a lappy with an AMD apu.. a8 if you can afford it, a6 if not. And hunt far and wide for a lappy with an extra dedicated Amd card too. Sometimes called "switchable graphix" this lets you "crossfire" the video in the processor and the dedicated card for even better effect. I remember I picked up a laptop like that right as the APU hit the market - bout 500 I paid for it. It was a refurbish, so I dont have the link. It was able to run Modern warfare 3 on "high" settings no problem. Skyrim also ran High/Medium without issue.

    Good luck :D
  3. The dual core i3-2350m has a much stronger CPU core than than the quad core A6-3400m.

    The A6-3400m graphics core is more or less equal to a Radeon HD 5550, while the Intel HD 3000 graphics core is basically equal to a DX10.1 Radeon HD 5450.

    If gaming is the primary purpose, then you want the A6-3400m because of the stronger integrated graphics core. Most games are dependent on the graphics core than the CPU core.
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