Im looking for a laptop for college that i can also game on

Hi, im going to college next year and I was looking for a laptop for typing papers and for gaming. I play SC2, swtor, and d3 when it comess out. My budget is around $2,200. I was looking at the alienware m18x, the asus g74sx, the new 2012 macbook pro, or any MSI laptop. There's so many options I really don't know what's the best.

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  1. brs0210 said:
    Hi, im going to college next year
    When are you going to get the notebook?
    Things are going to change up quite a bit later in the spring.
    New CPUs/GPUs/motherboards due to support Intel's Ivy Bridge.
  2. Anytime during the summer really
  3. Too early to be shopping around then, IMO.
    Some pretty big changes coming around shortly.
  4. Ahh okay. Any idea when their coming out?
  5. April with the first bunch and more in June.
  6. Alright ill probably wait until after my grad party in june and look then.

    And shadow I hear what you're saying. I already have a gaming desktop, and I know I wont game in class, future > a few hours of gaming. I would also like the laptop for lan partys, I hate lugging around my tower and a
  7. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M no benchmarks yet.

    If you want to look over some of the options available now: is a good 'one stop shopping' site for comparing Asus, MSI, and Sager/Clevo custom gaming laptops.
  8. Agreed - Macs and gaming haven't had a great relationship and they don't have most online stores converted yet.

    I too would recommend a smaller laptop for using in the classroom and build a desktop to game on. I know space is a premium in a dorm, but you'll get a lot more bang for your buck by building a desktop and living with a small laptop or tablet the classroom. Heck, get a new ipad and a keyboard case - cheap and efficient

    If you're set on buying a laptop sooner rather than later, I would probably look at an Origin laptop. Quality builds with great hardware options - I would probably use a HDD in the configuration and then purchase a SSD to reload the OS onto. They kind of charge you a premium for parts for customization so do yourself a favor and reduce your price by buying drives from another vendor.
  9. I could always run bootcamp on my mac but it seems like to much work just to game when I could just get a windows laptop. Im forsure getting a gaming laptop though, Ive been lugging around a pc for 8 years now. Ill probably just wait until june/july and search then.
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