Extensa 5620G - Laptop Screen black, but displays to external monitor

I'm a newbie here so please bear with me.
I have an Acer Extensa 5620G with a black screen.
It displays perfectly to an external monitor.
I have changed the screen for a new one but the same result
I have changed the Screen Cable for a new one and the inverter but with the same result, I don't think it is the graphics chip as it displays to an external monitor.
I am baffled and would welcome any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hello PaddyWhack;

    Can you see an image on the screen if you shine a flashlight or bright lamp on the screen?
  2. In all likelyhood the screen is working fine, but the back-light is not getting power. As WR2 suggested, try putting a flashlight to the screen and see if there is an image there, but the backlight is simply not working. if you have a volt meter then try the power for the CFLs and see if there is any juice there, and what voltage it is at.

    check for damage on the mobo near the connectors.
  3. Hi

    This sounds like what i had www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/75534-20-display-picture .

    I would make sure that your

    lcd cable is working correctly.
    Inverter is working.

    If you have replaced those try the " fn+f5" key i think to swap screens, if there is a white glow on your LCD it means the lamps are working / your inverter is working.

    If those fail i think your mainboard may need to be replaced as the GFX for this laptop is an intel GMA965 chip..

    hope this helps.
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