Can I add more memory to my Acer Aspire One 722 netbook?

I currently have 2GB of DDR3 memory and it runs awfully slow sometimes.
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  1. There are several AO722 models which come with 4GB RAM, so I'm pretty sure it's theoretically possible.

    You could take off the hood of the memory compartment, if you're comfortable doing such things (and you're sure you're not violating your warranty terms) to see if there's an empty second memory slot.

    If you have one 2GB memory stick, you should try to buy the same size and if possible, the same make and model too. This increases the chance that the computer will be able to use them in "dual channel" mode, which actually gets things slightly faster.

    Anyway, have you checked the memory consumption of the running processes? Is it really the case, that you're out of memory? (I kind of doubt that, unless you run something which eats it up... sometimes browsers can do that... or some process running in the background, like Windows search indexer, or Windows Update, or virus scan...)

    It seems that I was trying to be too clever above :P
    There's only one memory slot. If you want more memory, you'll have to buy a 4GB one, and swap.
    What a strange shape that memory module has. Is that the DDR3 standard for netbooks? Or is it Acer-specific?
  2. Thank you. I will buy the 4g module and replace the 2g. Yes, my system always shows I have low memory even though I don't have a lot going on at one time. I have Norton 360, MS Office, iTunes, and not much else.

    I don't low if this memory module is unique to Acer....

    Thanks again!
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    I have to admit that I'm a little bit behind the current product line :) That's why I like to participate in this forum, I learn a lot along the way. At least I have sharp digging skillz! :)

    Good luck with the memory!

    ps. if this slowness developed over time, then a quick backup to external drive+restore to factory state usually the most general advice I could give. But hey, I'm a bit biased, I reinstall my computer from time to time just for fun. :P
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