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Class Installer Denies Install of HP Scanjet 2100C

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Getting the error "The Class Installer has denied the request to
install or upgrade this device" with an HP Scanjet 2100C.

This scanner and its scanning software "Precisionscan" worked for some time.
Then, the "Precisionscan" software stopped responding, after upgrade to
WinXP SP1. After many HP articles and support sessions, stopped using
"Precisionscan" and simply used WindowsXP WIA. Detailed HP procedures were
required to completely "uninstall" and then "reinstall" the Scanner without
its scanning software.

Now have upgraded to WinXP SP2. The Scanner will not reinstall after
upgrade. It gives the "Class Installer" error. Am again following all the
HP support articles
for full "uninstall" including removing registry keys and additional HP files
that are searched for in the Windows subdirectories, before making each
install attempt. I have the most recent (2002) WinXP driver and software
file from HP. Neither it, nor simply trying to have Windows automatically
install for WIA, works.

Windows update shows the 2100C on a list of scanners with drivers that are,
or are soon to be, included in WinXP for WIA use. Maybe this one is really
on the "soon to be" list.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Bill
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    I know this is a HUGE bump...but I solved this one for my case. I received this same message when trying to install my HP scanjet 2200c on a fresh install of Windows XP. The message is "Cannot install this hardware / HP Scanjet 2200C / An error occurred during the installation of the device" followed by "The class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device" followed by "Found new hardware / A problem occurred during installation". When you try to uninstall the device in Device Manager, you get "Failed to uninstall the device / The device may be required to boot up the computer". What? a scanner required for boot? HP's website has instructions for backing up the registry and re-installing the scanner, see or search HP's website for "class installer". I tried those instructions and it did not do any good. HOWEVER, I downloaded the latest scanner software and driver, package SJ646en.exe from HP by going to their website, clicking on Support and Drivers, Drivers and Software, and typing 2200c into the search box. I selected Windows XP for operating system, and evaluated the Drivers, Software, and Updates presented. The driver update, although dated earlier, has a later version (sj646en.exe) than the Software (sj645en.exe), so I chose the latest version sk646en.exe. When downloaded and extracted per HP's instructions, the sj646en.exe package installed driver and software version 1.22 on my computer; my original equipment installation disk had driver and software version 1.20, so I was doing better (more up to date) with the download. After installing the updated v1.22 driver and software I rebooted, and the scanner came back to life--no error messages whatsover.

    Background information: this project was stimulated when I could not get my freshly installed copy of WinXP, with updates, to load my scanner on a Dell GX270. I wasted 6 hours on that one following other web-based "cures". When the same thing occurred on a completely re-installed copy of WinXP Pro, with all updates, on an HP zd7000a laptop, I knew something was up. You'll note that the scanner, the Dell, and the HP laptop are all OLD equipment, but they still work. Now I have the scanner and the laptop working TOGETHER. I hope that this adventure helps someone else to keep their computing equipment working despite its being old and out of date.
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