I need help with Windows XP and Service Pack 1

I have a problem..
Im trying to update all of my pc's that i have here at home, (3 of them) and i have just bought a new game, Grand Theft Auto : Vice City. It tells me it requires, Service pack 1 when using xp.
Now there i am trying to update windows xp over A 56K MODEM and its trying to download nearly 50mbs.. it tells me that it will require 190 minutes to download this one file, for one of my pc's.
this is the annoying part. I only have a 2 hour connection time, thanks to my ISP and my connection speed normally goes up to or about 40kbps, which is ok for a modem around where i live in england.. but trying to download 50mbs in 2 hours is in one word, impossible and it cant be done.
is there any other places on the web that i might be able to use a program like getright or something so i can download service pack one and then just copy it over the network i have here or do i have to download it for all 3 pcs separately?
i really need someones help on this, as without service pack 1, i cant play this game and im not sure whether or not it will come on the cd.. someone please help!!
for example, a 1.92mb file when im connected at 41.2kbps takes 10 minutes and 40 secs averaging 3.07kb/sec...
someone please help me out here!!!

If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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  1. IMHO, I think you are out of luck, unless you contact Microsoft and get the Service Pack mailed to you on a CD, which would have to be ordered through your local <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/uk/default.asp" target="_new">MS subsidiary</A>. It's doubtful that the Service Pack would be on the game CD, as I haven't seen this anywhere else, with any other game. The only other option I can think of is for you to download the entire Service Pack, so you can transfer the file to the other computers on your network ... but the problem with this is that the full Network Installation download of SP1 or SP1a is 134MB, and with your connection speed, that isn't going to help you, even with the addition of a download manager, or trying to pick up the file from a place like <A HREF="http://download.com.com/3000-2098-10147920.html?tag=pop" target="_new">Download.com</A>, for example.

    The file you may be trying to download from Windows Update is only <i>part</i> of the Service Pack, and just the components needed to update the individual system, which is why it is only around 50MB, instead of 134MB.

    Perhaps you could find a friend with a broadband connection who could download the file for you and burn it to a CD?

    Have you tried installing and running the game without the Service Pack? Supposedly the game will run with Win98,
    Win98SE, and WinMe, as well as Win2K SP3 and WinXP SP1, so I'd install <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/directx/default.aspx" target="_new">DirectX 9.0a</A>, make sure my video drivers were updated to the latest version, install the game, install any game patches, and see it if it will run correctly, despite what it says on the box. If it doesn't run, uninstall it, and find a way to get the Service Pack before you try again. You won't be any worse off than you already are if it doesn't work.

    Note: I'd also be sure to install the latest compatibility updates from Windows Update before trying the game installation.


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  3. thank you for the help..
    i have asked someone else to download it for me, along with 3dmark 2003, i just want to see what all the fuss is all about :smile:

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  4. It won't blow up, the file comes in as an executable file, that can actually be executed from the CDROM drive, or sent to My Documents and executed, glad to make your aquaintance.Ryan

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  5. that's his sig...

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  6. Just out of interest, what is the size of the download? anything that will or would take 8 minutes to download over a modem wouldnt be anything much over 2 megs, but i have seen service packs of up to 134megs.. thats one hell of a download speed!! i average about 4 to 4.6k a sec if im lucky.. you must be near to 100k or something even higher arent you?
    well whatever it is, im very impressed :smile:

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  7. it's 2.23 Mbps. Most cable modems will do that easy, especially at 3 AM.

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  8. SP1 was around the 130Mb or so, my maximum download speed is 2212Kbs, I wish every download site could send at that speed. Its in the mail Phill. Ryan

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  9. 2212kbs???? are you on a 2mb connection????? is that t3 or t1 speeds? i never know... you know, if you put a point in there somewhere, its about the speed i get.. for example.. 2.212 or better still, 0.2212bs :smile: you got to laugh havent you?

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
  10. god i wish i had access to cable, broadband or anything faster than sodding modems!! god im so depressed now :frown: ..
    its weird really but for a 512kbs connection i think i would be looking at about £25 or so per month (about $38 i work it out by timing it by 1.5.. it gives me a rough idea of what it costs...) and i think a 1024k connection would be at least double, possibly triple that amount and i wouldnt like to even think what a 2048k conection would cost.. quite frankly, i think it would scare me!!

    If it blows up? Opps.... I must have been doing something wrong
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