Anyone else having trouble with GeForceFX 5600 ?

I recently installed a Chaintech GeForceFX 5600 Ultra (replacing a GeForce 3) on a Asus A7MD-266, Win2K SP4 system and noticed the monitor clicking...perhaps trying to change refresh or something. Sometimes the monitor shuts off while the system is still running. This happens seemingly randomly but I have caught a pattern with a few for examples.

Every time I run Outlook Express and switch to the Inbox the monitor clicks and the OE windosw doesn't refresh unless I minimize and then restore; sometimes I do this the monitor just shuts off like it is losing the video signal. Simular things happens with Norton 2003 System Works. Also, web sites with Flash can do it too, e.g., will cause the monitor to shut off every time.

The new 45.23 drivers seemed to make the general trouble worse but now fixes a semi-problem with Everquest giving a can't make 3-D surface error and shutting off the monitor (blindly typing the system key to bring up the Start menu returns the screen) when stopping the program. Now EQ just takes somewhat over a minute to shut down but no error. Perhaps that was a DirectX fix in the driver /shrug

I used to have a monitor clicking problem with my GeFroce 3 but used some tool to force 60 Hz for ever resolutio and it was fine. I have PowerStrip but so far am still having troubles.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been having this sort of problem and fixed it. Chaintech's email support help wasn't much help.
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  1. I wouldn't say this is a problem with you graphics card. This definitely sounds like the monitor is giving you the trouble. Do you have any other monitors around the house you can try? What about a friend or co-worker who is willing to lend out a monitor for a couple of hours. I say this because your monitor was clicking on the geForce 3 at refreshrates of only 60Hz. 60Hz is kindof a poor refresh rate, and is bad on the eyes. 75Hz should be a decent refresh rate though. Try this and tell us waht hapens, okay.

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  2. I tried a different monitor with the same results. I'm now wondering if nVidia hired away some old ATI driver writers.

    Btw, the monitor is less than a year old Sony E400/L. I run it @ 1600x1200x32 hence the 60Hz. I can get it to 68.x with Powerstrip. I find 60Hz easier on my eyes and the slight flicker is in sync with the house lights. Other refresh rates give me a headache.

    Thanks for the reply
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