Toshiba BSOD :( Wont let me restore it using recovery disk


I cant get into my computer to do anything, its starting up then i've tried F8..... when I select any option it looks like its going to work then it brings me back to the blue screen. When I hit F12 using recovery disks (my own I created when i first bought the machine & I tried another that my partner downloaded of another help site) it sounds like its loading the disk, think it might even say 'loding files' but then just goes to a black screen and nothing happens. Ive tired each disk about 6 times. :(
Any ideas what to do next??
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  1. Get yourself a Windows install cd/dvd and do a clean install.
    The BSOD means your Windows are shot, it has nothing to do with your BIOS.
    Should the restore cds you made work by themselves or do they need to be used with the software that created them?
  2. You do know that if this kind of restore is successful, all your files will be gone, don't you? Is that what you want?

    I'm helping out a friend with his Toshiba, and his user guide says that a "back to factory state" restore procedure can be done from the hidden partition alone (the original disk image is in there). The restore DVD we made at the beginning can be booted independently, so it can be used even with a brand new hard drive (one without the hidden recovery partition).

    It seems that you've tried both. And I can't see, how is it possible that running the recovery gives BSOD, apart from having hardware error. It would be great if you could test the hard drive for errors (connected to another computer possibly with an external USB enclosure). A memory test is even easier to conduct with memtest86.
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