Bad idea to buy used Video Cards?

Anyone think it's a bad idea to buy a video card used? I would consider the pricing not worthwhile if it isn't a fair amount less than the lowest comparable price on pricewatch. If not, do you know of any good places to find them?
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  1. I generally think so, yes.
    Actually, I think it's a bad idea to buy anything used that happens to be made up tons of tiny solid state electronic parts. =p

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  2. 60% of current price, only if I can bench before buying.
  3. get a cheap new card

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  4. Dont' buy used cards. ITS NOT GOOD.
    Plus their conditions are unexpected.
  5. It really depends on the seller. With ebay, look through their feedback to see if they've sold graphics cards before. Often people hardly have used their cards... they bought them for building a rig and ran out of funds. You can usually still get the manufacturer's warranty in such cases. I got a brand new Radeon 9700 pro with 2 years of warranty left, for 200 bucks.
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