Laptop semi-dead

I have problem with a Toshiba Satellite a355d, turn it on and stays on black screen, only the LED lights up and the cdrom and cooler fan. Other times it is in the BIOS screen, the Toshiba logo and the letters that say q press F2 to enter SETUP.
But it does not matter, nor enter the setup or anything.

I've already tried the routine: Remove the hard drive, I tried various RAM modules, and nothing worked.
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  1. Hello villeda;

    Do you have a bootable CD or USB drive you can use? It might be a bad hard drive or corrupted Windows.
  2. If not - you can make yourself one. A LiveCD with a complete OS. Doesn't require the HDD or Windows to run.

    Ubuntu Desktop
  3. The laptop dont boot. Not enter setup, only black screen or Toshiba logo.
  4. If you removed the HDD and can not get into bios:
    .. You are not using the battery and are on the ac adaptor, are you sure it is good??
    .. Next set, if sure it is not a memory problem, would be to remove the DVD drive. This is more a grasping at straw as There are not many things you can do with out disassembling it. Even dissasembling it, you are limited.
    It does not sound like a bad CMOS battery, but for about $5 bucks it's worth a stab ( and reset/clear CMOS.

    Unfortunately laptops, unless an expensive model, are not worth getting repaired.
  5. Remove, HD, removed CDrom, Try other ram.
    The laptop dont start up, only black screen, other times toshiba logo.
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