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Dell latitude keyboard mistyping

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
March 14, 2012 9:10:01 AM

Hello, Ive recently been given a Dell Latitude D610 laptop. Its great apart from a few key functions are muddled about.
For instance to type the pound sign it comes out as #, if i then use # key it comes out as\.
Also to do the @ symbol i have to do shift 2 instead of the @ key.
All seems strange, apart from that the keyboard is great.
Anyone any ideas how i can fix this? All keys are in their right places, its just the symbols that are mixed up!!
March 14, 2012 11:47:23 AM

your OS is set to us-english keyboard layout when you have a uk-english keyboard layout.

You use XP i guess on such an old machine. look next to your system tray. for the EN symbol. Click it and select UK. All fixed.

If UK is not there you need to right click and choose settings. Hit "Add" under installed services and choose english UK... then set as default....
March 14, 2012 12:39:49 PM

Brilliant!! Thanks for the quick reply. Such an easy fix when you know how!