Which games can be played just using a trackerball/mouse?

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Could anyone advise me on some PC games that can be played using just a
mouse or trackerball. I am paralysed from the shoulders down, but can
operate a PC using a trackerball with my chin. This means I can only play
games that just need a trackerball but not the keyboard e.g Diablo,

They obviously don't tell u this before you get a game. I have downloaded
several demo's, but I have spent ages filling up my PC with game demo's that
I then find out I can't play.

If anyone can advise any decent games it would be appreciated.
(I can use the trackerball with both buttons reasonably competantly, so the
speed of game shouldn't be a problem)


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  1. sure, check out world of goo, the civilization series, heroes of might and magic, and crayon physics. all good games and all can be controlled. also try looking in to newer ways to control the mouse. I hear there are better solutions out there than controling a trackball with your chin.
  2. The original poster could have died in between this bump.....or bought a mouse maybe.......
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