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Dimension 3000 graphics

Last response: in Computer Brands
January 9, 2005 2:42:22 PM

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I am considering purchasing a Dimension 3000 with the Integrated Intel Extreme
Graphics 2 integrated video. If I decide in the future that I want better video
performance is the Dimension 3000 upgradeable to a PCI Express x16 card like
the ATI Radeon x300 SE?


January 9, 2005 2:42:23 PM

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No...only onboard graphics. You CAN however add
a regular PCI (not pci express) graphics card.
Get the 4700 if you want the PCI Express option.
January 10, 2005 3:28:02 AM

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the 3000 is really no good for graphics upgrades. you can add a pci
card as david mentioned, but pci cards can't achieve the performance of
an agp card. which the 3000 lacks a slot for. pci express would do you
well, although there are not a lot of cards for it yet. but they are
coming. and since you are considering buying a somewhat basic machine
(the 3000 uses regular pci, ddr ram as opposed to ddr2, etc) you may
want to consider hunting down a new, used or factory refurbished
dimension 4600, which comes with the same technology as the 3000 but
includes an agp slot. so you can upgrade to your hearts content. and
when found you should be able to get a sweet deal on a 4600, also. wish
you had mentioned more about what you were interested in using your
graphics for. is it simply video or perhaps also for games and graphic
intensive software? if for the latter two an agp slot or pci express
would be almost a must these days. if not, then the integrated graphics
should do you just fine : )