Asus G1 upgrades, possible?

Hello, long time reader, first time poster ;)

So I've been gaming for years now on an old Asus G1 specs.

This laptop has served me decently well for many years now, but is definitely starting to show its age on newer games, meaning it's long past time for an upgrade. I see myself having two routes; fit up a desktop, or upgrade this puppy.

With this question, I come here. The possible processor upgrades I've read about do not seem very worthwhile, and the GeForce Go 7700 is soldered in. This leaves me with the simple RAM/HDD upgrade.

The system shipped with 2x1gb ddr2 667's, thinking of upgrading to 2x4gb ddr2 667's. specifically (newegg)

It also came with a 2.5" 9.5mm HDD, 160 gb, reputedly 5400 rpm. This I was hoping to upgrade to a SSD, for the faster read/write speeds, or a 7200 RPM if a SSD wouldn't work. I am, unfortunately, not aware of what level of SATA the laptop can handle. As far as I've read it can not do SATA II or III (would love to be told otherwise...)

Lastly would be an 'upgrade' from XP to 7 64.

So, do any of you have experience upgrading an ASUS G1? or understand the spec's well enough to point me in the right direction, as to what would work and what wouldn't? How big of a performance increase would these upgrades yield, if possible? Lastly, though i don't have the money, would I be better off dropping 3x the cash for a desktop? (My desktop research keeps leaving me in about the ~900 range, with as many cuts as I'll allow myself, monitor included).
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  1. I have this laptop and I have upgraded the hdd to the Seagate Momentus 7200 500gb, then the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid 500gb no problems with either. I have run Vista and currently Win7 64 for the last year. Works fine.

    Today I am upgrading to the Crucial M4 256gb SSD, no problem so far. Loaded win7 64 bit no problems (yet) I can't enable AHCI in the bios though, it only offers IDE. Boo. Not done installing yet so I can't comment on the speed, other than reboots are pretty quick.

    I have heard of people putting in the 4gb ram, but the specs state it only supports 2 so I don't know how well that is going. Would be nice if someone did a bios hack that enabled AHCI and more ram since ASUS hasn't supported us very well.
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