Gigabyte Garbage (blurry text)...on to ATI

Bought a Gigabyte 9200 128Mb from Newegg and my text is so blurry at 10x7 that it drives me nuts! Ugh! What kind of BS is this? My Leadtek GF2 Pro with same monitor and different box works fine.

So, I've got to ship this back, and now I'm looking at an ATI made card, 9000 Pro 64Mb OEM from Multiwave for $68.

Any suggestions/recommendations before I buy this thing?

My primary features of interest at this point are dual display support (probably via a DVI adapter), and jeez, a clear picture! I won't be doing any heavy gaming; mostly just multitasking. Thanks for any tips.
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  1. Your problem is unusual. ATi is known for having pretty clear text. Try to get rid of older remenants of Nvidia drivers, though this probably wont help, you should still do it.
    If your new card has the same problem when you get it, I would check for faults elsewhere in your system.

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  2. This card is in a new system, so there's no other drivers on here; that was my other system that has the GF in it. I'll post back when I get the new card.
  3. Did you try increasing your refresh rate in the driver?

    Maybe it's set really low.

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  4. Yeah, actually I've run at both 85Hz and now 100Hz. I ordered my new card this morning; I hope it does the trick.
  5. I have a Gigabyte Radeon 9000 (non-Pro) 64 MB. It gives clear text output at 1024 x 768 (75 Hz) in my Samsung SyncMaster 550s monitor

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  6. The 64mb 9000 Pro is actually the better card overall, and a better deal. Props to you for not cursing ATI and blaming them for the problem, and becoming a blind nV fanboi. Hopefully the 9000 Pro will fix your problems. If it dosn't, we'll try some goode olde fashioned trouble-shooting:)

    BTW usually (if anything) text gets blurrier at higher refresh rates, not clearer:) 60hz may give you a headache and make you want to puke, but it's usually the clearest ([once again..] if anything).

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  7. -sigh- I can see I'll be spending the next several weeks doing nothing but troubleshooting monitor and video card problems, just so I can keep from getting eye aches and head aches on my brand new stinking system...I swear to god. :(

    I now have about $160 worth of video cards that are practically worthless. I guess that's what I get for buying low end stuff.

    My 2 year old Leadtek GF2 Pro works great at both 85 and 100Hz, 10x7x32bit.

    Well, I got my new card in, and low and behold, it's a flipping Saphire! I guess I misread the description; it said "powered by ATI", but did not mention anywhere that it was a Saphire card. I haven't had time yet to find out if this is a decent card or not, but I think I'll probably hold onto it....I guess.

    With the Gigabyte, text was so blurry it was insane. With this card, text clarity is improved by 100%, but it's still a little blurry.

    Addittionally, when viewing various pages, such as Tom's site, table/line/graphics colors are smeared to the right by over an inch! It's faded of course, but still bad.

    For text, every character has a perfect shadow about 1/16th of an inch to the right. Everything is smeared; everything is shadowed. I don't recall the smearing on the Gigabyte, but that may be because my focus was on the text.

    I won't be able to use either of these cards for very long like this.

    Now, on to potential monitor problems. Since I've had this monitor (ProView 986-19in), I've noticed various lines in the background, that are only noticable on some pages, and if my brightness is up high enough.

    Currently, I have a double line bow running vertically, and also a blue verticle bar down the middle, but like I said, normally you can't see it so I've never worried about it.

    I have also noticed, recently, wave like flux lines all over the monitor...mostly in the corners. They too, are usually not noticable.

    So, what is this stuff? My monitor going bad combined with bum cards?

    You know, this really makes me wonder how many millions of users out there have bum video EQ and have just learned to live with the crap quality. If you can't afford to, or don't have the time to keep sending stuff back and reordering, then I guess you just have to live with it.

    Well, now on to some more extensive tests. I have a 2nd monitor I'll be testing, plus another computer I can use if necessary, plus I'll be comparing to my old GF2 card to see if I'm remembering clarity that I never really had.

    I'll also try dropping back down to 85Hz, which is still very nice. Any more tips are appreciated, and I'll post back once I've gone completely broke and insane. With any luck, I'll be able to return to normal computer usage sometime before Christmas. {What's that again about computers saving us time and making life easier?? Yeah, right...}
  8. Catalyst 3.7 fix a "blurry text" problem with Radeon 8500/9000 in Windows XP.

    I have Windows XP and I can confirm you, that I had this problem and it's now fixed. Try to install CAT 3.7 before shipping back your card, there is a good chance this will fix your problem because LOW-END Radeon 9XXX are based on the 8500 core.

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  9. If I would be in your place I would try looking elsware for the problem , like the monitor.
    Saphire and ATI are EXACLY the same card, Saphire are the ones manifacturing the ATI retail cards.

    EDIT : Just saw TheRod's post, he's got a very good point there!!!

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  10. Thanks for the extra info. I just installed 3.7 and can't see any difference, but I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling again to make sure.

    I'm almost certain now that the text shadow is what is making my text appear blurry. The primary text is solid, but the shadow makes it appear blurry. And the overall color smearing is still there.

    I've still got some comparisons and checks to make, so I'll be posting back. And it's good to know Sapphire is pure ATI. I haven't had anywhere near the time I usually have to research this upgrade, so I'm a little in the dark on some things.
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