Defference between laptop and notebook

Is my hp compaq presario v6000 a laptop, or a notebook?
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  1. Laptops and notebooks are basicly the same thing. Netbooks however are not. Netbooks generally have Atom type CPU's and small HDD and not much RAM. Your system is a laptop/notebook.
  2. Your Presario is both, they are actually the same thing! You probably mean Netbook. No it's not a netbook, a netbook is one of those tiny laptops with no Optical Drive (DC/DVD).
  3. HP's Compaq Presario v6000 Laptop
    Compaq Presario V6000 Notebook PC

    Basically - you can choose to call it a laptop or a notebook. It's all the same.
  4. Agreed - they're both jargon for a portable computer. Also agreed that a netbook is different - categorized by lower performance, battery friendly and usually very inexpensive
  5. Yeah, marketing people probably came up with the term "notebook" to make people think that a "notebook" is smaller and lighter than a "laptop" 10 or so years ago.
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