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I dont know when this all started, but for the past few days the q and w keys arent responding as fast as i try to press them. i have to hold them for a lengthy amount of time to get the letter to show up. Right now im using the on screen keyboard in windows 7 to use them.

Ive tried registry defrags, running virus/malware scans, updating drivers, and disabling some services too no avail. any suggestions as too whats happening.

Im using a hp pavillion dv6 entertainment laptop.

4 gigs of ram

AMD M880G Ati Mobility Radeon HD 4250 (1968MB)

AMD Turion(tm) II P520 Dual-Core Processor(2 CPUs), 2.3Hz
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    get a new keyboard, plain and simple. unless there is a driver update, your best bet is to get a nicer, newer keyboard. Don't worry he'll make NEW friends!! lol
  2. with q and w so close together, and that no other keys are affected I am going to say it is a physical hardware damage, and time to replace the keyboard. You can get cheap USB keyboards for $5-10, and some pretty nice ones in the $20-30 range, so it should not break the bank to replace. Check, and walmart.

    Personally I will only ever use Logitech for my keys, mice, and desktop speakers. Even their cheap stuff is decent equipment, and it has a nice feel and should last a very long time. Other people like Microsoft or Rosewill for keys and mice, and while I find Microsoft equipment to be OK, I have never touched a Rosewill device that I liked.

    Avoid Gearhead like the plague to hardware that they are!
  3. See if the q and w keys work right from a bootable diagnostic disk or while in the BIOS.
  4. logitech USB keyboards:

    My keyboard:
    I love this keyboard; It has a few useful features like an on/off switch which is great for when the baby is 'using' it, a power button, good battery life, multimedia buttons (which I rarely ever use), and a nice satisfying 'click' on the keys which is a must for me as I HATE soft tough keyboards.
    My previous Logitech keyboard lasted 10 years on 5 sets of batteries with heavy use, and suffered several drops, lan parties, spills, etc. The final drop that killed it was a 5' drop onto concrete.... and even then it still worked, but would randomly input keys if it was not held exactly right. I have a wired version of the same 10 year old keyboard that is 12 years old, and I still use it on my testing bench.
  5. How do i make this work for a laptop computer? The built in keyboard is not something i can just replace i think.

    I tried using it in bios and it still lags there also....

    Its not that they dont work at all, its like it just takes forever for them to show up when i press it.

    Any other suggestions, as a last resort i might reformat the whole computer?
  6. Hi

    I thought all might like to know about this but i came a across a similiar problem where the keyboard would work up to the login in screen and after awhile it would stop working or that when i logged in it stopped, but i found that when i held a key down after awhile it would work. Basically if i held down a letter like "A" afterwhile it would type it. I found that in the registry there was a option that would make your computer wait before it accepted the key being pressed.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Response

    DelayBeforeAcceptance was set quite high put it back to the "0" and it worked again fine.

    So i think that in most cases this will fix those keyboard problems where they just tend to stop working.
    Also i noticed that you must check the auto repeat delay etc... as when you hold the key it also affects how long before it repeats the keys so it can also act the same when holding the arrow keys etc...

    Roaming Computer Technicians
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